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Extract Archive after Getting "The Archive is either is Unknown Format or Damaged"

The archive is the very popular file format that travels over the internet in a flow. It combines multiple files into single file and compress them for reduce file size. However, it is very important file still you may get error while extracting archive file.

"the archive is either is unknown format or damaged"


When you try to extract archive file you may get the above error on a pop windows. Once this error occurs, you will not be able to extract archive or zip or rar file. Sometimes it skips the corrupted file and extracts archive still you will get incomplete list of files.


There may be various reasons behind “the archive is either is unknown format or damaged” error. Mostly this error occurs if any corrupted or damaged files are compressed inside archive file. When archive tries to decompress file using same algorithm, it can’t decompress corrupted files and resulting raises “the archive is either is unknown format or damaged” error and closing application.

Other reason behind this error is corrupted or damaged entire archive file, file system crashed, containing suspicious program etc.

How to fix “the archive is either is unknown format or damaged” error from archive file?

If you are getting above error it means archive file is unable to extract itself. In this situation you need advanced archive extraction software that could extract corrupted zip file and save your file in a new folder.

The Zip Recovery Software is especially designed for this purpose. It scans corrupted zip file and recover all the files then save at your desired location. It is very easy to use and in a single click it recovers all the items from corrupted or damaged zip file. No worry if you are getting “the archive is either is unknown format or damaged” error on archive file. It works in any condition. Download now zip recovery software and get back your entire file easily.




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